syroam.SkyFire 03/19/16(Sat)09:31:06 No.2796178
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>start dota 2
>find a ranked match
>accept the game
>ask someone to play support
>pick Ursa
>say mid or feed
>all wants mid
>me mid ez win they said
>predict the game
>take the first rune
>hooked by pudge
>team pinging xxxxxxxxx
>fed the first blood
>say ggwp
>tryhard farming
>mid outworld devourer goes 4-1-0
>safe lane goes 1-0-0
>my lane was so quite
>everything seems to be fine
>i go rosh at 10 minute mark
>they see me roshing they coming
>i fed again
>team goes mad
>outworld devourer says "ggwp ursa too noob, tangina mo, i will feed, end fast pls"
>supports are all mad
>outworld devourer started to feed
>we fucking lost i said
>outworld devourer goes 4-11-2
>report outworld devourer they said
>ez -25
>ez charm fragment