Afraid to be responsible

Responsibility is an obligation. A lot of people just don't want to take risk to be a responsible for something. Sometimes we're just lazy to be someone who can be responsible. Actually being responsible is not the problem, the problem is some people just can't be self-confidented to take risk to have a responsiblity. I actually am one of these people, for example: everytime someone beg me to design something big like website, sometimes I just can't accept it, because i've always thought that if I were to design something and had done it, I still will be the responsible for things I had done, it will made me still related to the person who beg me. Sometimes I just don't want to have any complain from others because of things I had made, and I had known that I was wrong but I still can't do it, i'm still afraid to be responsible.

Maybe that's somekind of syndrome because some people just don't want to still be related to others and this obligation will still bring them to be related to someone, so that's why they've always been afraid to be responsible.

And I hope you're not one of these people, why? this things can break your friendship or relationship between you and someone, it will make them upset, and you'll be assumed as a not self-confidented person so you can be rejected if you're to apply a job.