The Skipped

Don't want to delete it, but always skip it

If there is someone, and he or she has an mp3 player or having an automatic music playlist (on a computer or anything), they should be have some song that if it's suddenly played when listening to a playlist, they always press the skip button. What's interesting is that they put the song to their playlist, but never want to listen to it, so why did they put it?.
Personal Opinion So, there is several reason for this. Actually I did this too, but not anymore haha. First, sometimes people just don't want to listen to it at that time, but later they will listen to it. Second, sometimes they just want to put the music for a collection but don't really like the song. Third, sometimes people just put it for listen when they're bored with their favorite song, but infact they always skip it, because even when they're bored with their favorite song, they still play it.
You don't know how it feels right?, if you were the song, you may think that it's better if they don't put you here, to the playlist. It is really sad, because songs were created to be listened :(

Sad story man, sad story. You know, everytime you skip it, they (songs) are crying, they're sad. If you put a song to your playlist, then listen to it, if you skip it delete them!

So please, if you did this, please don't do it again. They're sad, and the musician too. It's hard to make a song, don't pirate them, don't download them illegally cause you must appreciate what the composer did. Now I don't know what to write anymore, I don't speak english very good, so my vocabulary is limited, and my grammar is really bad, cause I learn this language suddenly. So like always, I have the layout, have the design but still no content, need to share something but don't have the content. Sorry for a very not clear post/article, actually I just wanted to share my layout LOL.