Linkin Park

Linkin Park, if you've never heard that, then you don't know anything about music. Haha just kidding, if you don't know, Linkin Park is a very famous american rock band from Agoura Hills, California. What's unique from this band is their style of music composing, their genre are dynamic, or we can call it Hybrid Genre. There's a lot of people who likes almost all of their songs.

My top 15

  • 1. In the end
  • 2. Dedicated
  • 3. Numb
  • 4. I'll be gone
  • 5. No roads left
  • 6. Pushing me away
  • 7. Powerless
  • 8. Across the line
  • 9. What i've done
  • 10. Waiting for the end
  • 11. And one
  • 12. H! vltg3
  • 13. Step up
  • 14. In pieces
  • 15. Faint

Hybrid Theory

In 2000, their first album called Hybrid Theory was released, this album is really good, they're success because of this album. Most songs style from this album is Rock and Rap, and it really makes people love this band. In this album, there's a really legendary song (haha), called "In The End", you might heard about that song before, I don't know why but this my favorite too like what other fans do. The music and the meaning of the lyric is really cool, I love it xD. But to be honest, I like all of the song in this album. But my 2 favorite are "In The End" and "Pushing Me Away", although the "Pushing Me Away" doesn't really liked by a lot of people, but I love it.


In 2002, their second album was released, it's called "Meteora". This album is also good and people love it, because the style is familliar with their first album. The best song in this album is "Numb", it's a really good song, it's between rock, pop and rap and just like "In The End", I love this song for no reason. And also like Hybrid Theory, I like all of the song from this album. Ah yeah, also faint, I love that song very much xD, first time I heard that song, I don't really like it because it's like Indian song (no offense), but then I repeat it 3 times and suddenly I fell in love with that song.

Minutes to Midnight

In 2007 their third album "Minutes to Midnight" was released, the style is like pop and rock. This album isn't as good as their first and second album, but people still like it, but not as their first and second album. But from this album, their style was starting to change to a new style, but it's not bad, only because they removed the rap part in this album. But I still like this album, my favorite is "In Pieces", "No More Sorrow" and "What I've Done". "What I've Done" is the first song that I heard from this band.

A Thousand Suns

In 2010, when the "A Thousand Suns" album was released, the style is little bit weird and it use various sound effect, some fans are starting to hate this band, because their style was changed since that album was created. After the "A Thousand Suns" album was released, most fans want their next album to be more like the first and second album (Hybrid Theory and Meteora). Like others, I don't really like this album, because the style is really weird and it's like not linkin park at all. And most songs from this album are only like ambient/instrumental and it has no meaning and lyric at all. The only song that I like from this album is "Waiting For The End".

Living Things

In 2012, their 5th album was released and it's called "Living Things", the style is pop, rock and some electro sound effects. For me this album is not really bad, I think this is just cool and better than "A Thousand Suns". I know the style is different than their earlier album, but it's cool, but most fans were disappointed because of this album, because they think this band ignore their hope, and some fans are starting to hate this band. But from another side, this band has become more famous and got more fans, and since this album was released, I saw a lot of new fans who likes almost all of their songs. I like all songs from this album, but my favorite are "I'll be gone", "Powerless" and "Castle of glass".

The Hunting Party

In 2014, their 6th album was released, the name is "The Hunting Party". The style of this album is generally rock and heavy but little bit mixed, there's some rap, some weird sound effects and many more. Actually this album is good too, I don't understand why people hate this album, this album style is close to meteora just more heavier. I like this album as I like the "Living Things" album. In this album, my favorite song is "All for nothing", I like it because it can recharge my spirit LOL.

Actually there's 2 released album that I don't mention, they're Reanimation and Recharged. I don't mention it because they're just a remix album, I don't really like them. But I like some song from reanimation, like "Pts.of.Athrty" and "h! vltg3", but nothing I like from Recharged. There's also albums that contains their demo and live songs, it's underground. There's a lot of their unreleased demo song, but most of them are like not well recorded or not continued, so I don't really like them. But there's some song that's finish, but they don't release it. Beside the albums and undergrounds, there's some song that doesn't have an album at all, it's "New Divide" (from Transformers 2), "No Roads Left", "Black Birds" and "Not Alone".