knowing who is behind this blog

In here I put things about this blog and about the author of this blog.
the blog
About the blog
Damzaky is just a blog that shares anything from the author's mind. The author likes to inform public with an informative minimalist text and design, but unfortunately informative audio is not easy to make, so only text and design.
the author
About the author
Hello there! my name is Damar Zaky. I love design, I like to listen to music (especially rock), blogging, writting, analyzing, playing guitar and piano, and doing computy stuff. I was born and currently living in Bandung, Indonesia. In spite of having a lot of friends, I still like to spend my time alone. I've been blogging and coding since 2012. I like to do things with my computer but I don't spend my time that much with my phone. I'm an active player of DOTA 2 and CS:GO. I speak Indonesian, Sundanese, English and French.
My skill
HTML/CSS (97%)
Guitar (32%)
Piano (17%)
Math (58%)
Physics (37%)
Photoshop (83%)
DOTA 2 (76%)
Counter Strike (68%)
Prediction (14%)
Javascript (28%)