Miskinidea is just a normal blogger template, maybe it's too simple, but this template is very good for seo (maybe). The first engine of this tempalte is my older template (mayanringan). This template is free for use, but please don't remove our credit link!. Okay now, i can share it for the first version of this template, but later if i've a time, i'll share other version of this with more different color and skin. The password to extract this tempalte is

Template features

  • Super SEO friendly
  • Simple, clean, fast loading
  • Responsive
  • User friendly
  • Support major browser (Mozilla, google chrome, internet explorer 8+
  • Threaded comment


If this thing is happened to this template while you trying to use this template, read these fix carefully...
1. Not valid HTML5
Problem: "& did not start a character reference. (& probably should have been escaped as &.)"
Cause: This problem maybe caused by widget quickedit fonction.
How to fix it:

  1. Go to blogger.com, go to template section, backup your template for safety, then go to edit HTML
  2. Tick the expand template widget
  3. Then search (CTRL+F) this code:<b:include name='quickedit'/>
  4. Delete that code (this code not always one, maybe you'll found more)
  5. Save template
Note: if the error still exist, try to search that code and delete it untill you don't found that code. If the error still exist, contact me.

2. Deactivate mobile template and use the responsive template
You can follow the instruction here for understanding, then follow this instruction:
  1. Open blogger.com, go to template section, then click the mobile settings
  2. On that lightbox, check the No. Show desktop template on mobile devices.
  3. Then just click save

Before download, please help me:

For demo and download click here

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