Why I don't date girl

It's still pointless

Dating girl is pointless, because this thing would only makes the guy lose his money. Well maybe at the first several times it would be useful, both the girl and the guy would be happy together, but as the time goes on they wouldn't survive.

I still can't be responsible

Well if I were to be someone's boyfriend, I don't think I would be responsible for everything I would've done. Some days ago i've posted about this thing on this blog too. I just am a not responsible person, so I hope it wouldn't bother my future partner.

Loving someone is boring

This was my main reason for this statement, but now it changes. Why is loving someone boring? some people doesn't think it is, but some think it is. Well, imagine if you had a boyfriend or girlfriend, you'll chat them everyday or even everytime, how could it not be boring, for example: you chat "hey how are you today?" and she will answer "I'm fine, how bout ya?" "fine" and repeat it until your relationship ends. I had a lot of experienced friends with this, they had dated a lot of girls and they told me that it wasn't like what they expect, they said that the first time they date a girl, it was really awesome like it's the best day of their life, but after periods they started to feel bored and end the relationship again and again.

I like some girl but I don't love one

I do like some girl, I admit that some of them are really beautiful, I like some of them and they could fill up my mind with them, but the problem is that do I love them? well I don't think I do, because I think that loving someone is like caring them and makes us always ready to marry them. Well for now, I don't think I would marry girls I like because I don't think I really love them. I might be able to love someone after I'm ready to marry someone and ready to be responsible.