"Button of hate"

You may click this button when someone is becoming a person with a different character you hate very much.
The unfollow button will appear if you've follow someone or something in a social media. If it's for a page or company, unfollow button may clicked if you don't really want to follow their update anymore. The reason is actually the same for a person you know (such as friend, family, idol), but there's a different, because if you click this unfollow button from someone's profile, it means that you don't like them anymore, maybe they're changing. Some example, if a girl had a boyfriend, she loved him very much, but then they end up, and sometimes the girl's starting to hate her ex.
Follow & Unfollow button was made for expressing Like & Hate in real life.
Responsive poster design by Damar Zaky
Created with negative mood by using pure CSS