Welp, this chat is a actually a real story, but I make it different. This was inspired from my friend's chat who had been rejected by his crush a long time ago.
funny line story

Hello :) Read 07:03 PM

Supp 07:03 PM

How r u? Read 07:03 PM

I'm alright, and you? 07:04 PM

Fine.. Read 07:05 PM

I wanna ask you something Read 07:06 PM

Hmm..? just say it 07:07 PM

I LOVE YOU!, Wanna be my girlfriend? Read 07:07 PM

Hey, are you still there? Read 07:26 PM

Hello? Read 08:05 PM

Hey, why don't you reply me? it was just a joke Read 00:00 AM

Ahahah, sorry I thought it was for real 00:01 AM

Well it wasn't a joke I changed my mind, would you change yours too? :) Read 00:01 AM

Hello? Read 00:13 AM