Find an inspiration for the default design

The first thing is, you must get inspirated and follow the inspiration to make your design. Default design is the design of the default homepage and default posting. If you have any difficulties with building the default template, try the Urang-Kurai's free template: Blogazine book and Blogazine template.

Redesign the template like you feel

This is the important thing, you must redesign the template like your feels like. With this, blogazining will be better and make you comfortable. If you are finnish editing the template, now you can start posting.

Find the inspiration for the real blogazine

After you have redesign, you can start posting, but before posting, you must find the inspiration again, not for the template but now for the posting. Inspiration is not for copy paste, but it's for got a looks like for your design.

Choose the layout and learn the CSS

The layout is very important, blogazine without layout is not a blogazine. The layout is not always with grid, layout is also like positioning the elements on a different place. Learn the CSS is really easy, if you speak good english it will be easier, because the language of CSS is English.

Combine all the inspiration + your own layout

If you have a concept of your design, then combine it with the inspiration. But combining is not copying the CSS and the design, but make it looks like but different. Don't make a same design with others, that is bad, you must have your own character, it's very important!.

Found your own character

If you loop this, you'll have your own character and then you will not have to search an inspiration, because you have your own character, then just continue posting with unique post like always.
Discover something new
With blogazine, we can descover something new, example: we can learn design, layout, trick etc. Discover the design is very easy right now, because there is google, we can search an inspirational design and solve a problem in design.
Found your own character
If you serious on blogazining, you'll found your own character and it's good. You can apply your own character to any design, and many people will like your design
Meet many new people
If many people likes your design, they will be your friend, and you can talk with them.
Have a daily visitor on the blog
Daily visitor is a very important thing, they are like a fans of your blog, they will visit your blog everyday, only for looking your posting and design.
Inspirated by designer
If your design is very good and rare, many people will come to your blog to get an inspiration, they will be like a daily visitor even a designer can visit your blog!.
Be famous
Then if you always update your design, blog, and posting, you'll be famous. What is the advantage of famous?, you can be a freelance web designer, earn money, and be a rich xD.
Need to use many CSS and HTML
In blogazine you need to use many CSS and HTML to make a maximal design. This is very important, but if you use too many CSS and HTML is not very good.
Browser support problem
CSS have a problem with supporter, some of browser support all of them, but some of browser is not. The problem is only the browser, example: Microsoft Internet Explorer, it doesn't like to support all CSS property, it just support some of them, so we have a problem here.
Takes many time for only one post
Make a post in blogazine is not easy, because the design and layout must different than others, so what?, if we must do a different thing, it's very hard to make only one post, it's take many times and only for that.
Tired and be a crazy
If you spend your time only for blogazine is good, but you can be tired and crazy like me xD. If you're too many watching the monitor, your eyes can be bad, and if you always thinking about design, you'll no have your normal life anymore or we can say "crazy". Just like my friend Andre Pandet (owner of, he said that when he wanna sleep, on his mind is only CSS, and in the dream, there is many CSS code flying xD. Me too because i'm too many thinking about design and blogazine, before sleep, i always thinking about layout, on the school i can't focus study.

Another important things

Forget the SEO
Combining the SEO with blogazine is not easy, if the design is good, the SEO will not good, if the SEO good, the design will not good. Blogazine is about design, so you must choose the design than SEO. So mix the SEO with the blogazine is a very hard thing. SEO is for a normal blog, but us, we are a not normal blog, but we have a very fantastic special blog xD.
Forget the responsive
Why i said that?, responsive is a design style to make the layout comfortable in any unique screen size. So why?, because the make the big screen design to fit with a small screen, it will make the design is broken. As mentioned by ColdHeat "If it's not responsive, it's detailed and premium", wich mean, if the design is not responsive, that mean your design is maximal and not minimalist.
Blogazine is not just a trend, blogazine is a concept and new style of web designing.

INSPIRATION of blogazine

1. Urang-Kurai (Indonesian language)
2. Amdhas
3. Stun7 (Indonesian language)
4. And many others here: Indonesian Blogaziner